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LSZ Digital Exchange Ltd is the world's top choice for cryptocurrency trading.
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Our spread lower than 95% Brokers
Simple and efficient KYC certification
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Take the opportunity to trade 21 currency pairs with ultra-low spreads and fast execution
Speculate on the price movements of gold and silver against the dollar and enrich your trading portfolio
Mainstream virtual currencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and DASH are provided
No fees, no requotes, no hidden markups, access to major international stock indexes and crude oil


The security of our clients' funds is of utmost importance to us.

We use cold storage of customer funds, which means that your funds are held on external storage devices and cannot be stolen by hackers.
Strict internal procedures require multiple signings and delayed access to the freezer,
It keeps all the money we hold safe.
Risk Disclosure: Cryptocurrencies and other financial products carry significant high risks that could cause you to lose the entire principal amount of your investment. You should carefully consider your financial suitability when choosing to invest in Bitcoin or other products offered by LSZ Digital Exchange Ltd. LSZ Digital Exchange Ltd accepts cryptocurrency deposits only. When you are with LSZ Digital Exchange Ltd, you acknowledge that you understand the risk disclosure and that you acknowledge the terms set forth above.

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